Actionable insights
into what really matters;
your people.

Using data & analytics is the key to better people decisions.

Managing talents the core capability of human resource professionals. But are all people decisions based on hard facts and real time data? Validay offers a suite of interrelated apps to drive the impact & efficiency of your people.

Four interrelated apps to drive your business 


Offer your people direct feedback & deep insight on their own performance. Provide management with an a complete overview of organisational performance in one app. Powerful visualisations align the whole organisation on that what matters most.


Structure and standardise meetings between employees and management. Provide TeamLeaders and employees the means to set and track development goals. Align every employee on the company targets and follow performance over time.

“Powerful software for empowering our people”

“We realised a productivity jump of over 10%”

“A team of true professionals and a world class solution.”